About Dream Big Sports Academy

Fitness, Leadership, Character Building, Personal Transformation

Dream Big Sports Academy is a local 501-C3 non-profit youth organization that emphasize the effectiveness of character development, leadership, life, and organizational skills training, through sports and athletics.  In addition, the organization focuses on the role and benefits sports play in teaching fundamental character-based values, encouraging academic success, higher learning, career paths, quality sportsmanship, and enhancing participants understanding of the real impact of sports as a force for positive change.


Birthed in Palm Beach County in 2006 by President and CEO W. Wayne Monroe,Jr. and incorporated by the IRS in 2010, Dream BIG Sports Academy, Inc. is a Palm Beach County Youth Services organization which provides a unique array of services to youth and adults.  These primary services include, but are not limited to Leadership Development, Mentoring, Career Paths, Personal and Team Speed, Agility, and Core Development Training.  In an effort to address current social and educational issues impacting youth today, such as, a lack of guidance, positive influences, social experiences, lack of motivation, poor academic performance, and mentoring opportunities, the Dream Big Sports Academy organization aims to fulfill this community void.

Mission Statement 

The mission of Dream Big Sports Academy is to provide a consistent, systematic approach to youth development in education and athletics. In large, prepare student- athletes to be leaders in all areas of life.


It is our belief and philosophy, in order for youth to grow and develop into positive role models, we have to start grooming and training them from “the inside out.”  Youth development can be achieved by starting with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  We must first ensure the student has the bare minimum needed to become successful in society.